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Intersection of design, business and marketing 
I’ve spent my 15 years in designing and building a good relationship with clients. I design User Interfaces and User Experiences (UI & UX Designer) for apps, websites, games and digital software. I’ve done UI/UX design work with companies of all sizes, from small local startups to Fortune 500’s, and some of the most recognizable brands in the world and love what I do.

I do specialize in User Interface Design (UI) , User Experience (UX), Usability Testing (UT) , GUI Application Design , Interface Wire frame, Prototypes and Web development. In my work , I always try to transform highly complex concepts into simple, approachable applications, that are easy to use and visually balanced, across any device. My deep knowledge on design matters has made an obvious choice for many multinationals to appreciate my work. I’ve been involved in international design federation and awarded many times for my distinct and creative work.

Graphic design left me wanting harder problems to solve and the ability to help improve people's lives.
Those 10 years were great. I developed a lot as a creative and gained many skills I still use today including working with clients to achieve a desired outcome. In 2014 I get my Mobile certifiction from HFI, USA . I hoped that these new skills would really help me be able to make others' lives better by entertaining them and would give me an opportunity to solve the complex problems that always attend that industry. 

At Pyramidci, I was introduced to Interaction Design & User Research. It was a natural progression from all my past graphic design work. I was sold. I spent the rest of my 8 yrs Pyramidci learning all I could about UX and Usability.
Looking forward to building ux leaders, scaling ux best practices, and building companies over a lifetime
For the last 10 years I have been diving in with both feet into the UX industry. My experience has been mostly on the B2B & SaaS side, but I have worked on a couple consumer products as well. I haven't yet had the opportunity to work in eCommerce, but would welcome the opportunity if it came up some day. I have learned a ton and been able to accomplish much so far, but I'm just getting started and am excited to help figure out output-based design at scale and continue helping user-centric companies solve problems and improve lives in innovative ways! 
Books I'm Reading
Learning, like Design is never complete. Here are some of the books that have inspired me and helped me shape my thinking as a designer.
UX Books I read




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