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    Medanta Clinical CareAdvance® application helps you achieve cost-savings in care management by automating processes and integrating data that once resided in disparate systems. The Clinical CareAdvance solution automates manual tasks and streamlines critical aspects of disease, case and utilization management so you can use your highly skilled care management staff more effectively and cost-efficiently

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    Patient Portfolio Patient Admission
    Patient Health Patient Health  
    Information Architecture Information Architecture
  • Jindal Steels

    A web based solution was developed with portal support to integrate the legacy system with new Requiremnet.

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    Information Architecture Information Architecture
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  • FNOL

    Experience a new way of travelling with your Android.Book your Airlines flight, check-in or manage your reservation, all in a single application designed for all your needs.

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    User Persona Airlines Persona
    User Understanding Doc Airlines Business Understanding Doc
    Information Architecture Information Architecture
  • MDM

    School Attendance App, will make your attendance taking a simple task and will generate reports for you. You can any time edit any attendance, add students, delete students. Most importantly your data will always be safe and you will never lose it. You can share students information with others teachers as well. School Attendance lets you take attendance quickly and get back to teaching.

    Portfolio School Attendance Portfolio
    User Persona School Persona  
    User Understanding Doc School Attendance Understanding Doc

  • SYN Wallet
    OCMS- Online Mobile Classified System

    The Mobile App for B2C application for all consumers. The mobile App is proposed solution for on go user to buy & sell item through mobile App. Consumer can connect to seller or buyer at any time. The system is designed with better user experience for ease of user as compare the other existing App in the Market.


    Portfolio OCMS Portfolio
    Wireframe OCMS wireframe
    Information Archtecture OCMS IA  
    User Understanding Doc OCMS Basic Understanding Doc
  • SYN Wallet
    Kid ATM

    Kid ATM UX Solution, with Natural User Interface Support.

    Portfolio Kid ATM Portfolio

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